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Zoo Plates

We carry a wide variety of new hefty Zoo paling paper plates 20 pack, these plates come with different animals and faces on them. They are best-in-class for taking into the world or give as a gift.

Zoopal Plates

This is a terrific open package with some top scouring plates! The colors are varied and the designs are interesting, there are 12 plates in all, and they are all assorted. There is a green, blue, and black plate, and a pink plate, there are also a few other interesting plates like a mediterranean plate, and a plate with a monkey! All of the plates are in splendid condition and have some minor surface damage. There is some soiled area, and there is a bit of minor superficial damage, this is an unequaled open package at an enticing price! Our heavy plates are made of hard, heavy metals and are meant for hard days and events. These days it's important to look your best and feel your best, and our plates will help you do just that, with some fantastic elements like figs and lilies, your day will be beautiful and all the better for it. The hefty Zoo pals set is a top-of-the-line substitute to add a little bit of excitement to your home or office! These 24 pcs of unique paper plates are different shades and have a fooled-your-eye-into- operate metaphor, they're sealed with a protective animal print design and are humble zebra print also. They're humble Zoo print and are good alternative to add a pop of color to your environment, the Zoo pals hefty plate whale is a very new and exciting animal, who is getting very popular with people in the zoo. They are very colorful and there are so many of them, making it hard to keep track of who is who.