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Zoo Pals Plates Discontinued

Zoo Pals plates are gone! We have nos Zoo Pals plates for you to buy, just in case you need them, we have 8 plates for you to choose from.

Zoo Pals Plates Discontinued Amazon

Zoo friends plates 8 plates are gone, but the 8 plates are still worth the investment, these plates are 8-inch plates that will help show off your new Zoo friend to their friends. They are still available at this cost, but be sure to order many before they disappear, are you digging for a new set of Zoo friends? New hefty Zoo Pals paper plates is the set you are wanting for! 8 plates - try it for yourself and see the difference for yourself. The plates are Zoo plates and have 8 atlantic luffy characters on each side, the plates are 8" and are in a trial size. This is a Discontinued product, but the plates are still a top deal, Zoo friends plates are going out of style, so get your order in quickly! These plates are filled with 8 designed plates that come with a $4. 99 price tag, the plates are available in an 8-inch size, but they're $4. 99 per plate so it's a first-rate deal for on-the-go! This is a trial size product and will be Discontinued soon, if you order it, be sure to order all other items in the order that you feel will be the most helpful for you. This set of 8 plates is a first rate deal for the price.