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Pokemon 23k Gold Plated Trading Card

This pokeball burger king Card is an enticing surrogate to hole up or share a grove on of your own! With its own logo, this Card signifies your an unequaled substitute to show your fandom.

23k Gold Plated Pokemon Cards

This is a cards from the Card series charizard, they are mint condition with the green and silver facial features from the popular burger king tv series. These cards are in 23 k Gold Plated plastic, they are top-of-the-heap fonts and design with the oras-2028 character of blackened wood on a golden background. This is an 1999 23 k gold-plated Trading Card box Pokemon pokeball burger king sealed, it presents a pokeball burger king seal and is from a Pokemon game. It renders the following stats:, the Card offers a compartment for the pokeball and cards inside. The Card also gives a burger king seal, it is in splendid condition. This is an 1999 Pokemon 23 k Gold Plated Trading Card to pokeball burger king sealed new, it grants the card's number and the card's bar code written on it. The Card is brand new, this 23 k Gold Plated Pokemon Card from the Pokemon series imparts a keychain design and is produced of 23 k Gold Plated plastic. The Card gives a best-in-class design with a colorful and intricate pattern, making it an exceptional surrogate for any Pokemon Card collector.