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Personalized Santa Cookie Plate Set

Personalized Santa Cookie Plate Set is an excellent substitute to br your own personal touch to your Santa gift idea, this Set includes a Santa Cookie Plate and a mug, top grade for waiting on your christmas arrival. Choose from a colorful design or a sanctions-friendly design, and enjoy the comfort of our Plate when giving your gift.

Personalized Santa Cookie Plate Set Walmart

This Personalized Santa Cookie Plate Set comes with a milk jar and Cookie Plate for Santa to take cookies from the kids and family to the top of the store for the Santa show, perfect for the winter, this Set can keep the christmas holiday spirit alive for the loved ones. With our doctored up Santa mug, you'll look with the fun and delicious treats your loved ones would love, our Set comes with two Santa mugs, one for each person on your team, made all about making your december special. This Personalized Santa Cookie Plate Set is an enticing way to celebrate with your friends or family! The plates come with a Santa mug, cookies, and a Set amount of Santa cookies, there is likewise a recipe for a candy canin Cookie which makes it straightforward to make your own cookies. This is a practical Set for the christmas season! The Cookie plates are made of heavier weight metal and are just as strong as the metal on metal security system for the Santa cookies, the Set includes two Cookie plates, a milk jar and a Set of 12 Cookie faces.