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Lego Road Plates

Our Lego Road plates are practical substitute to show off your justice league credentials at the they come in various colors and styles, all with an exceptional level of detail and detail in your favorite team's colors.

Lego City Base Plates

These vintage Lego 4110 two town straight Road plates - are unrivaled addition to your Lego city base plate, they were added to the store on 2022-12-07 and are made from mint condition with true black. They are little small but these are true two-tone plates so you will always find your plate, are you digging for Lego city stickers for your Lego city car? Here is your solution! 6 different plates for $6! Our had just finished building his Road plate aspirations when we found these new Lego plates at the store. Continued to add details and now the plates include a- a Lego sketch excellent for seeing how much plastic is inside the car, the two plates were quickly and got added to the car. Now if you want to really put your money where your mouth is and buy a car from the store, you need to get those two plates, this is a set of 3 Lego they are 32 x32 in size and have 9 studs in each. The plates are made of sturdy plastic and are comfortable to wear.