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Lego Plate 16x16

Looking for a pieces of history? Search no more than the Lego base plates! These beautiful blue and green plates are from 16 x16 squares and come with an 5 x5 square base, they're valuable for any brick-and-mortar spot biz store.

Best Lego Plate 16x16

This was a fun game to play with friends, we could all play on different devices and get the benefit of each other's ideas. Now let's make something! This Plate is a platform to pick your color, it extends an 1:16 th scale and is produced out of plastic, metal, and glass. The Plate offers a pickled green onion on it and a cartouche with 44 stars, the base is produced out of wood, and the top is manufactured out of ice. There are no tools required to build this plate, just use your hands to build it. This is a top-grade Plate for any Lego fan! It is new and dark blue in color, it measures 16 x16 inches and is rare to find this dark the new plates are for the Lego 4 matic 2. 5 car, they are made of tpu for protection and are 16 x16 inches and 5 x5 inches in size. The Plate features a black and tan color scheme, the plates are baseplate only and do not include the car.