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Lego 2x2 Coupling Plates

Looking for a new and stylish surrogate to add two together? Don't search more than the Lego milky white hinge Coupling plate! This Coupling plate is superb for adding two pieces of different colors together to create a masterpiece, from there, it is basic to connect to other pieces to create a stronger connection. Not only this is a beautiful piece of engineering, but it's also facile to tote around.

2x2 Coupling Plates

The set contains two Coupling plates which can be used to attach a two-dimensional layer of Lego brick to a two-dimensional layer of nylon net, the plates are milky white, and are in a manner which makes it possible to find the black parts. The set contains 305 Coupling plates, this Lego Coupling plate 2 x2 is an unique piece that can be a reminder of your loved ones. It is produced of sturdy plastic and includes two Lego characters, a smiley face and engine, this piece can be a reminder of your happy memories with your loved ones. This is a good quality plate that is produced from heavy-gauge steel, the plate extends a black finish and is in like manner player peerless for a two-body problem. The plate is able to take two pieces each with a green and a black one each, the black piece is at the front of the plate and the green piece is at the back. The black piece as well able to move when played with, the Lego bulk lot 6 hinge Coupling nylon two connected 2 x2 plates 650 milky white is a two-piece Coupling plate that is enticing for use with other Lego pieces. The plates are black and are covered in white, they are held in place with screws and screws.