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Ivanko Plates

Plates is a replica of the olympic plates that was used at the athens olympics of 1896, these plates are vintage and rare event weight class set. The set contains the weight class markings and a classic set of weights, these plates are practical addition to your olympic memorabilia or weight loss items.

Ivanko Weight Plates

If you're wanting for a product that will help you lose weight, 4 5 lb weights standard size 1" & 1 1/16" pancake style weight plates is the set for you! The plates are calibrated to give you a practical weight for your event, they're also removable for effortless cleaning. This is an used calibration set of plates for the chrome weight plate, it is a weight plate with a chrome finish and is containing 25 plates. The set contains 25 plates, plates are top-grade alternative to show off your olympic weight pistol skills. These plates are made of sturdy plastic and have a blue and white color scheme to them, they are also made to be durable, with a non-toxic finish that will last longer even when used. This is a sterling pair 45 lb olympic rubber coated weight plates for your plate, they come with a shipping not included.