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Hayward Pool Skimmer Winter Cover Plate

This Skimmer Cover will protect your Skimmer from the Winter sun, it is a good substitute for folks who have a Hayward Pool and want to make sure it is ready for the cold Winter weather. The Cover also keeps snow and ice from taking up space in your Pool and helping to damage you rework.

Best Hayward Pool Skimmer Winter Cover Plate

This Cover is for the 1090 skimmers, it is a face Cover that covers the Skimmer during winter. It is fit for the Hayward and other style skimmers, it is produced of durable plastic and is straightforward to put on and take off. This is a first-rate Skimmer Cover for enthusiasts of you who desire to operate the Pool without a cover, it's made from durable and-quartz material that's basic to clean. The Cover grants a comfortable fit and comes with a hard shell to protect it while you're not in the pool, this is a clear plastic Cover that helps keep the Pool clean and appearance. It is in like manner important to Cover the Skimmer motor and water filter when winterizing the pool, this product is a Winter Cover Plate for your 1084 water skimmer. It protects your Skimmer from rain or water damage, the Cover Plate is produced of durable materials that are sure to protect your investment.