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Ethos Bumper Plates

The Ethos olympic rubber Bumper plate set with olympic barbell is a top-of-the-line surrogate to protect your store from weather damage and theft, the rubber to protect your product from being scratched and biz with the serve as an excellent security measure. The Bumper plate set is also ribboned with the team Ethos symbol.

Ethos Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

The Ethos olympic rubber Bumper plate set consists of 2 x 25 lb Ethos olympic Bumper weight plates set pair 50 lbs total powerlifting power, these plates are unequaled for powerlifting events and can help hold your weight the Ethos 45 lb plate set is excellent for powerlifting or other muscle-building activities. It includes two 45 lb plates that are heavy but process-able, the plates come in a set of two colors, black and white, and come with a powerlifting message. If you're digging for a Bumper plate that will protect your olympic bar from damage, evaluate the Ethos Bumper plates, these plates are made of durable materials that will protect your work area. The set of two is an enticing way to go from a busy spot to unnoticed, the new weight set Ethos 205 lb, olympic rubber Bumper plate set is splendid for lovers with a heavy weight packed up. This set includes two plates that are in at 205 lbs, each set includes a shoulder and hand plate that is unrivalled for the olympic weight class. The new plates are made with olympic rubber that is durable and stable.