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Diamond Plate Loot Chest

This amazing Loot Chest is functioned similar to the scene in borderlands 2 where you can pick up coins, keys, and other valley goodies, but this Chest is in a different formers course and instead of coins and keys you will now find Diamond plate! The Chest as well says to operate it as a place to store all the gear you will need for your next fight. This Loot Chest is a top-of-the-line addition to each borderlands 2 player and is sure to add some serious value to the game.

Best Diamond Plate Loot Chest

This borderlands 2 Diamond Plate Loot Chest is an unequaled surrogate to get some Diamond Plate items in your game, it is used so be sure to it before the next dropped item. The Chest is a first-class addition to the game and will be a popular item, this borderlands 2 - Diamond Plate Loot Chest is a limited edition, but it provides a full color design and is covered in diamonds. It is again nicaragua-made! The Chest is filled with weapons, armor, and secrets, this outcome is a must-have for any borderlands 2 player! This Loot Chest contains the following: -a Diamond plate! -aylor's weapon of choice, the -thearna's weapon of choice, the -4, 000 gold -thearna's book of secrets, the this Loot Chest is from the borderlands 2 game world and is probably from the game's beta period. It grants a Diamond Plate decoration and a small treasure inside, the treasure is a which gives +5 to .