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Avon Christmas Plate 1974 Country Church

This is a wonderful and built for your Avon Christmas Plate series 2 nd edition and is sure to give your Church a fresh look and feel, its made in the usa.

Best Avon Christmas Plate 1974 Country Church

This is a splendid vintage 1974 Avon Christmas Plate from Country church, it renders the Plate and cross. This Plate is from an 1974 Church service, the cross is from an 1974 Christmas or holiday. This Plate is in good condition with only a few small marks, the Plate is in excellent condition. It is a top-of-the-line plus for any owner of this plate, this is a first-rate vintage Avon Christmas Plate series specimen. This is series? Avon collector Plate "country church" Christmas 1974 with box is a second edition? Vintage 1973 on the "country church" Avon 9 inch plate'splates is from the 2 nd edition always a top-rated deal! This is a good scouring plate? The color is good? The condition is good? Vintage Avon annual Christmas Plate "country church" second edition is a terrific plate! This beautiful Avon Christmas Plate second series Country Church 1974 is first-rate for any individual or church, this beautiful Plate is manufactured from heavy weight metal and features a beautiful green and white plate. It is a beneficial addition to exterior of your own home or any funeral or memorial service you may hold, this is a vintage 1974 Christmas Plate series. Country Church second edition for avon, this Plate is fabricated from a very thin metal platter and is moreover called a "tinplate. " it is produced from a very thin metal platter and is manufactured from a very thin metal platter, this Plate is an exceptional surrogate to show off your Country to the world.